Igor Korosec

Igor Korosec

Main agency
Sharon Kelly
+1 (818) 430-8688
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About me

I am Slovenian-American actor, who graduated from the Russian Academy of Dramatic Arts in Moscow. After that I have been employed at Slovenian National Theater (SLG) in Celje. In 1998 I have moved to Los Angeles, where I have acted in TV shows (Alias, Chuck, Rizzoli & Isles, Grimm, Undercovers, The Unit, etc.), movies (Good German directed by Steven Soderbergh, Charlie Wilson's War directed by  Mike Nichols, This Is Our Christmas, Take Flight, etc.), commercials, etc. In Europe I have acted in Greek movie Diminished and Slovenian movie Minus  1, for which I have received an award for best acting at the Global Monthly Online Film Competition. I am member of SAG-AFTRA, but can work outside of those contracts. I have Slovenian as well as American passport. 


Year of birth
1972 (51 years)
Place of birth
Kranj, Slovenia
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
normal, stocky / chubby
Place of residence
Kranj, Los Angeles
Housing options
Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Zürich, Kyiv, Moscow
Slovenian, American
English(native dialect)
BackpackingBowlingFencing (stage)HikingHorse ridingStage combatParaglidingPistol shootingRaftingRifle shootingRowingYogaskiing
Author, Model, Orator, Director, Actor, Speaker, Dubbing actor
Special skills
(cartoon) voice actingAudio bookAudio dramaImprovisationModelStoryteller
Driver's licenses
AM - Trike, quad, microcars up to 45 km/h, B - Car


Primary professional training

1992 – 1996
Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (RATI-GITIS)

Other Education & Training

Licensed Teaching Artist
Licensed CA Realtor


Best Actor Short by Global Monthly Online Film Competition (Short film)
Best Story Telling in the City of Moscow (Narrator)
Competition Festival of Mono-Performances of Short Stories (Narrator)


This Is Our Christmas (Feature film)
Hector (SR) Christian Filippella Producer: Five Arts Films: Salvatore Zannino Casting director: Ellen Jacoby, Kimberly Skyrme Written by: Linda Andersson
Minus Ena (Short film)
Joze (LR) Renato Bratkovic Producer: Artizan Films Distribution: Artizan Films Casting director: Renato Bratkovic Written by: Renato Bratkovic
Take Flight (Short film)
US Officer (SR) Richard Bridgland Producer: Very Important Production Distribution: Very Important Production Casting director: Mary Gail Artz, Shani Ginsberg Written by: Richard Bridgland
Diminished (Short film)
Club Owner (SR) Konstantina Palli Producer: Studio Rosso Distribution: Studio Rosso Casting director: Konstantina Palli Written by: Konstantina Palli
Charlie Wilson’s War (Cinema film)
USSR Gunner 2 (SR) Mike Nichols Producer: Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Celia D. Costas, Ryan Kavanaugh, Jeff Skoll, Michael Haley Distribution: Universal Pictures Casting director: Ellen Lewis, Nicole Abellera Written by: Aaron Sorkin
The Good German (Cinema film)
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Perestroika (Feature film)
French Consul Pasqual (LR) Dimitri Smolnick Distribution: Mir Production Casting director: Michael Fronk
Roulette (Feature film)
Rick (LR) Chris Fairbanks Distribution: Fame By Frame Productions
Across the Border (Feature film)
Ivan (LR) James Greenberg Distribution: Greenberg Films Casting director: James Greenberg
The Black Dahlia (Documentary movie)
Witness (SR) Joe Garcia Distribution: Film Garden Productions
Once in Italy (Feature film)
Giovanni (SR) Roberto Orlandi Distribution: Kairos Production


Grimm (S5 E11) (TV series)
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Grimm (S5 E12) (TV series)
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PlanetE! Entertainment Network (Other)
Self, Co-host (LE) Sharon Nixon Kelly Producer: American Artists Group Management Distribution: PlanetE! Entertainment Network Casting director: Sharon Nixon Kelly Written by: Sharon Nixon Kelly, Mario Prado
Rizzoli & Isles (TV series)
Balkan Man (GR) Randy Zisk Producer: Kevin G. Cremin Station: TNT Distribution: TNT, Warner Horizon Television, Hurdler Productions Casting director: Kamala A. Thomas, Gary M. Zuckerbrod Written by: David Gould, Sal Calleros
Undercovers (TV series)
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Natural Born Sellers (Series)
Self (Realtor) (LE) Producer: Asylum Productions Station: HGTV Distribution: HGTV
Chuck (TV series)
Russian Creep (GR) Frederick E.O. Toye Producer: College Hill Pictures Inc.: Phil Klemmer, Paul Marks, Robert Duncan McNeill, McG, Josh Schwartz Station: NBC Distribution: NBC, Warner Home Video Casting director: Patrick Rush Written by: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, Phil Klemmer
The Rookie: CTU (2 episodes) (Mini series)
Russian Terrorist (GR) Rodney Charters Producer: Jack Kelly, David Lang, Kevin M. Townsend Station: SFP Distribution: Fox Television Casting director: Vicki Goggin Written by: Kevin M. Townsend
The Unit (TV series)
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Alias (TV series)
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…it Happens (Pilot)
Arsen (LR) Jim Begg Producer: MHE Casting director: Jim Begg


Rock'n'roll in the Fall (Drama)
Him (LR) Igor Korosec Theater: Društvo Slovenian National Theater Kranj Written by: Michael Heyfetc
A Word with Orlando (Drama)
Umberto (SR) Judy Rose Producer: A Drama Associates Production Theater: Odyssey Theater Los Angeles
King John (Drama)
Melun/Chatillon (SR) Jonathan Arkin Theater: Knightsbridge Theater Pasadena, California Written by: William Shakespeare
Grey Matter TV (Drama)
French Waiter (LE) Flemming Carlson Producer: Flemming Carlson Productions Theater: The Comedy Store West Hollywood, California Written by: Flemming Carlson
Minister in Trouble (Drama)
Rok (SR) Franci Krizaj Theater: Slovenian National Theater Celje Written by: Tone Partljic
Out of Order (Drama)
Detective Baker (SR) Dusan Mlakar Theater: Slovenian National Theater Celje Written by: Ray Cooney
Barefoot in the Park (Drama)
Paul (LR) Vanja Slapar Producer: ZKO Kranj Theater: Izzy Kulis Written by: Neil Simon
The Bear (Drama)
Gregor (LR) Marina Kaydalova Producer: GITIS - RATI Theater: Theater of Russian Academy of Dramatic Art Written by: Anton Chekhov
Novels by O’Henry (Drama)
Mafioso Big Al (LR) Natella Britaeva Producer: GITIS - RATI Theater: Theater of Russian Academy of Dramatic Art Written by: O'Henry (William Sydney Porter)
Servant of Two Masters (Drama)
Dr. Lombardi (LE) Irina Sudakova Producer: GITIS - RATI Theater: Theater of Russian Academy of Dramatic Art Written by: Carlo Goldoni
Romeo and Juliet (Drama)
Romeo (LR) Valentin Teplyakov, Marina Kaydalova Producer: GITIS-RATI Theater: Theater of Russian Academy of Dramatic Arts Written by: William Shakespeare


The Shadow People (Audio drama)
The Elderly Ghost (LR) Susan F. Tanner Producer: SAG-AFTRA Radio Play Production Distribution: SAG-AFTRA Radio Play Production Casting director: Jacqueline Perez Written by: David Wilson
Wolfenstein: The New Order (Other)
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50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (Other)
Yeller & other voice over (SR) David Wheeler, Blade Zavier, Shaun Escayg Producer: Aftermath Entertainment Distribution: THQ Written by: Kamran Pasha, Gary Fisher, Andrew McEvoy
Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (Other)
Yushenko / Soldier A / Jandran / Worker A (SR) Kris Zimmerman Distribution: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Motorola (Narrator)
Slovenian voice-over (LR) SDI Media Los Angeles Producer: SDI Media Los Angeles
Socom II: U.S. Navy Seals (Other)
Additional Russian Voice Over (SR) Kris Zimmerman, Ginny McSwain Producer: Zipper Interactive Inc. Distribution: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Dianetics (Audiobook)
Slovenian voice-over (LR) Karen Moore Producer: The Golden Era Production


Sitcom, Sitcom (Mini series)
Nick (LR) Various Producer: Internet TV Station: Internet Distribution: Internet TV


Degree Deodorant (Commercial)