Mitcho Batalov

Mitcho Batalov

Crawford Talents
Caprice Crawford
+49 172 3088 868


Acting age
39 - 55 years
Place of birth
Stockholm, Sweden
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
athletic / training
Place of residence
Malmö, Stockholm
Cities I could work in
Swedish, Serbian
German: basic
English: fluent
Serbian: native-language
Swedish: native-language
Serbo-Croatian: fluent
Norden: always (Native dialect)
English: always
American: always
Arabic: only when required
English: always
Russian: only when required
Slavic: only when required
French: only when required
Italian: only when required
American: only when required
Yugoslavian: only when required
Scandinavian: only when required
Athletics, Badminton, CrossFit, Fitness, Horse riding, Mountain bike, skiing, Sport of running, Squash, Stage combat, Standup paddleboarding, Table tennis, Weight training, Weightlifting, Yoga
Action / Martial arts actor, Actor, Dubbing actor, Speaker
Driver's license classes
Car class, Mopeds up to 50 cc & 45 km / h
Other licenses
Fitness trainer B license

Vita entries

Professional background

Self taught actor with Serbian origin, born and raised in Sweden. Through hard work and colleagues I have developed my personal acting/reacting. This amazing job gives me opportunity and huge satisfaction to create something unique with the characters I shape. More than happy to improvise. I am a versatile actor who loves all the different possibilities of variation and challenges with the work. I have been part of both feature films, theatre, commercials and TV series.


Thai Massage - Little Sis Nora (Music video)
Dad (LR) AronChupa Producer: Artistic Modern Trade Distribution: Youtube
Glass - Little Sis Nora (Music video)
Dad (LR) AronChupa Producer: Artistic Modern Trade Distribution: Youtube
Frutti di Mare (Short film)
Anders (LR) Maria Flodmark Producer: Skurups Folkhögskola Distribution: Skurups Folkhögskola
L. O. Smith - The first Vodka war (Short film)
Olof (SR) Johan Skog Producer: StoryFire Distribution: Youtube
1% - The Voice Within (Feature film)
Jansson (SR) Jesper Sanneving Producer: Vije Production Distribution: N/A Not finished yet
Vitt Skräp (Cinema film)
Polacken (SR) Tobias Nordquist Producer: Michael Cross Distribution: Cinema
The Master Plan (Cinema film)
Fisker Karma Owner (SR) Alain Darborg Producer: Tre Vänner Distribution: Svensk Filmindustri
The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (Cinema film)
Wennerströms advokat (OR) David Fincher Producer: GWDT FILM AB Distribution: Cinema Casting director: Johannes Persson


Archaeologist’s daughter (TV series)
Erembai (SR) Henrik Ahnborg Producer: Baluba TV Channel: Barnkanalen/UR
Kroongetuige (TV series)
Luca (LR) Tonnie Dinjens Producer: Geraldine Smink - Strix Television TV Channel: RTL 4
Der Kommissar und das Meer - Wilde Nächte (TV movie)
Dimitriy Rostalnijew (LR) Miguel Alexandre Producer: Network Movies/Sylvie Dous TV Channel: ZDF
Wallander - Saknaden (TV movie (series))
Tigran Perski (LR) Agneta Fagerström-Olsson Producer: Yellowbird/Malte Forsell TV Channel: TV4
Walk the talk (TV series)
Peter (SR) Henrik Georgsson Producer: SVT TV Channel: SVT
Solsidan (TV series)
Oscar (SR) Jacob Seth Fransson/Felix Herngren/Ulf Kvensler Producer: Jarowskij TV Channel: TV4/Cmore


Mr. Tillmar (LR) Per E. Pettersson Producer: Comedy Art Theater Theatre: Bjärsölagårds Slott
Ett andetag från döden
Manfred (LR) Per E. Pettersson Producer: Comedy Art Theater Theatre: Bjärsölagårds Slott


The dream of Italy (Opener)
Cooking/dancing man (LR) Mats Karsvall Producer: Degaussian AB


Good morning juice (Commercial)
Guide gloves (Commercial)
Max Hamburgers (Commercial)
Red Carpet/Conniseuér (Commercial)
Försäkringskassan (Commercial)